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California Second Mortgage Loans

California second mortgage loans are used for a variety of purposes. One major reason for a second mortgage is to pay for major home improvements. If you bought your home more than 10 years ago, or if it was an older home when you bought it, you probably need to do some remodeling. Keeping your home up-to-date is not just a fashion statement--it is necessary to keep up with the market value of your investment.

In addition to improving your home, you may find it necessary to add an extra bedroom or enlarge the kitchen as your family grows. As children come into the home, the space suddenly seems to disappear. Friends begin coming over after school or for sleepovers and parties. Playtime now requires widescreen TVs and computers. That means a lot more room is required for living.

California Second Mortgage Loans for Growth

A second mortgage may be the answer. It is easy to extend the credit beyond the value of the home. Before applying for another loan, get an accurate bid on the cost of repairs needed. This is necessary in order to determine if the amount you will spend on repairs or an addition will raise the value of your home enough to make it worth tying up your equity.

After you have a plan for remodeling, give us a call at 949-540-2300, and visit with one of our loan specialists. At Park Place Real Estate Company, we have the expertise to guide you through the decision of how much is reasonable to spend to increase the value of your home. You can put our experience to work on your behalf.

Call Mark Gallagher today directly on his personal cell at (949) 540-2300 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

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