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California Real Estate Loans

To find the perfect location and home is as simple as having a real estate agent and loan officer you can trust. At Park Place Real Estate Company, we have the professionals to handle every aspect of your move, except the packing! Our connection with MLS will let you shop online for the home of your dreams in any area of sunny California. All you have to do is browse our website for the link and click on the city of your choice.

Once you narrow your choices in homes, we will walk you through the process of qualifying for a real estate loan. The online application is simple to fill out. If you prefer, one of our loan officers will be happy to come to your home at your convenience. You will need information such as your annual income, employment history, and monthly debt.

The Value in California Real Estate Loans

If you are unsure about the type of loan that will be best for you, we can show you the advantages and disadvantages of several loan types. You may be limited to the type of loan available by the amount of your down payment. Some lenders require only three percent down while others may require 20 percent.

Give our professional staff a call at 949-540-2300, and let us help show you posibilities of how you may become a property owner in this beautiful state. And if possible you could be not only have the home of your dreams, but you will also be making an investment into your financial future. As real estate values continue to rise, so can the return on every dollar you spend on owning a home.

Call Mark Gallagher today directly on his personal cell at (949) 540-2300 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

Mark Gallagher is a broker associate of Park Place Real Estate Company
CalBRE License Number 01883363 Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate.
NMLS Unique Identifier 397815